How to Prophesy Class


Scripture is clear that all sons and daughters of God will prophesy, so everyone in the Body of Christ has the ability to hear God and flow in simple prophecy. This 4-week class will activate the voice of God in your life and give you the Biblical basis for the prophetic today. It will train you to hear the Father’s voice and how to share what you hear for the benefit of others.

Topics Covered:

  • The differences in Romans 12 gifting of Prophet/Prophesying and Ephesians 4 Prophet

  • What prophecy is and how it works

  • Old Testament versus New Testament prophecy

  • Guidelines for delivering a prophetic word

  • Dealing with rejection in the prophetic and accuracy

  • Bringing the prophetic to a church

  • Things that help us prophesy accurately

  • Hindrances to moving in the prophetic

  • Prophetic Activations

Comments from previous  classes

  • “This has been the healthiest, honoring example of the prophetic that I’ve ever been a part of. On a ministry level, this provides you with so many valuable tools to prophesy.”

  • "Excellent feedback, good models, and encouragement.”

  • “Book learning is fine. But sometimes you have to get behind the wheel, turn on the engine, and actually DRIVE a car. You may know ABOUT driving, but you really don’t know HOW to drive until you DO it and practice doing it so much that you do ii naturally. That’s why I took this class. PRACTICE in a safe place. The best part was the practice."

  • “It is very detailed and allows you the ability to practice prophesying without being/feeling judged. You are given all the resources you need to grow in the gift. I learned that even one small word I get for someone could mean everything to them.”

  • "I would encourage others to take the class because it is great at helping to hear God better and trusting the Holy Spirit. I also came out of my shell a bit since I had to give words for people I knew little to zero. I realized that the small “voice” I hear a lot is actually the Holy Spirit and not as much me as I thought before.”

  • “Great instructor, great information, and great hands-on experience.”

  • “The class is well organized and flows well. There are safety and unity.”

  • “It will open your heart and eyes to what God does. How amazing to hear what God has to say!”

  • “It’s a lot of fun, very informative, and helpful for understanding the prophetic.”

  • “Everyone is able to be prophetic, but we all need help learning. This class will do that. And that benefits us all in the Kingdom of God. It’s not weird, and neither is the teacher. 😊”

  • “It is beneficial to help you move out to prophesy more. It will help you overcome any fear that you might have to prophesy. You will gain a better understanding and hearing, the more you practice. It is a safe place to learn to hear God and prophesy. You will grow into that gift."


        Harvest Assembly, 525 Kempsville Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23320

    (corner of Kempsville Rd & Greenbrier Pkwy)

2021 Dates    to be determined

Class Fee:   $50

Payments accepted: online at

by check payable to Good Fruit Ministries, Inc. mailed in advance to 1712 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320 or by cash/check at the event.

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How to Prophesy

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