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Setting people free. Training others to set people free. Raising prophets.


Leave the past . . .

Most of us have things in our past that hold us back from living peaceful, abundant, productive lives. This could be family dysfunction, trauma, lack of focus, or lack of identity. Good Fruit Ministries helps you identify these hindrances in your life, and identify and address the root causes to create true freedom.

Living in the past robs you of the opportunity to enjoy the present. There are many events in your past, good and bad, which have the ability to hold your life hostage. The unhealed hurts, trauma and pain from the past come into your present, and steal hope, joy, and peace from your day-to-day life. It can cause you to pass up wonderful opportunities.



God has given each of us gifts to be used for His glory and for the benefit of others. Everyone has them. Good Fruit Ministries can help you identify the design that God, the Father, installed in you and teach you how to use your gifts effectively. He gives these gifts to fulfill His plan of redemption on the earth.  

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