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Life-Changing Ideas

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

A Treasure Map from the Almighty

"The Lord always provides me with life-changing ideas. Not that I am special. The Lord provides everyone with life-changing ideas. These ideas are quite literally a treasure map from the Almighty. It is up to each of us, however, to choose to dig for the treasure. Every man and woman on the planet contains within them the power to change the world, but this power is only manifested when one makes a conscious choice to use it." George Washington Carver considered his words, then added, " This is why our world contains so many people who are depressed and unfilled. They have joined the growing multitudes who do not act upon the life-changing ideas that are theirs alone. A person who is acting upon an idea is happy and fulfilled. But a person who only intends to do this or that spirals into an ever-deepening pool of guilt and regret."

Every Choice One Makes

"Think of the books and songs that will never be written- works that will remain only in the mind of a person too fearful or selfish or lazy to dig for the treasure. And I am convinces-I have no proof of this, you understand, but I am convinced- that every choice one makes and every action one takes, or doesn't take, significantly affects the lives of everyone else. We are all connected to each other through our actions. Our decisions to act or not to act, to help or not to help-well, those choices create a ripple effect that can last for centuries." George Washington Carver

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