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Stories of Breakthrough

Story from the “Investing in Your Husband” class:

“Even though our marriage, without dispute, had divine beginnings 18 years ago, life had definitely taken a significant toll over the years. We were the best of friends and did most everything together — we never believed that we could grow apart like so many couples do! But three children later, combined with financial challenges and the never-ending demands of my husband’s business, we found ourselves like passing ships in our little home with thickly-walled hearts towards one another.

The circumstances that led to such indifference are too many to mention, but years of hurts and disillusionment (from both of us) brought hopelessness that nothing would ever change. We have always been deeply committed to our children and have poured ourselves into them, even when we had nothing to give to each other. We would never consider divorce, as we believed it to be unconscionable, but we were definitely at an impasse and neither of us was willing to do anything about it.

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