Receiving Personal Ministry

We receive referrals from churches, businesses, organizations, and by word of mouth. We count it a blessing for the Lord to use us to minister love, healing, identify, and destiny to those who desire freedom.

What is the procedure to make an appointment?

First, sessions are scheduled at 10 am, 2 pm or 7 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday.

Depending on how fully we are booked, there can be a wait of several days to perhaps several weeks for an appointment, unless there are cancellations.

A standard appointment is 90 minutes. We recommend that 3 or 4 sessions be set up to maintain continuity by avoiding long delays between sessions. If these appointments are not needed, they can be cancelled. We generally recommend sessions every two weeks, as we often give assignments to be completed between sessions.


The suggested donation is $75 per session. Checks are made out to Good Fruit Ministries, Inc. It is also possible to donate though PayPal on the website. We are a non-profit organization so we do not take insurance. Sessions are not tax deductible since you are receiving a service. Donations that are made that are not for a session are tax deductible.


Please try to give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a session. This allows someone on the waiting list to be contacted.

Telephone, FaceTime or Skype
Telephone, Facetime or Skype sessions are also possible for those who are unable to meet with us personally. They can be quite effective and eliminate time and travel costs.

Make Application

Please complete the short online application or send an email with the information to We try to respond to inquiries as soon as possible – from the same day to one week.