Our Founder

Esther McMichael is founder and President of Good Fruit Ministries. She meets with individuals and families to impart identity and restore what the enemy has taken. She trains individuals to hear God and how to prophesy. God has put on her heart to mentor and equip prophets, and to mature and purify the prophetic movement. She is currently the leader of altar ministry and prophetic ministry at Harvest Assembly in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Esther’s Equipping Includes:

1991 – Discovering Your God-Given Gifts Conference at Regent University

1994 – Gateway Ministries, Richmond, VA Prophets and Prophetic Ministry

1996 – Associates degree in Biblical Studies from Providence Bible College

1998 – Restoring the Foundations

2000 – Basic Theophostic Training, Chesapeake, VA (Frank Meadows)

2002 – Ancient Paths Facilitator training with FFI (Family Foundations International)

2002 – Began Facilitating Ancient Paths Seminars

2003 – Theophostic Apprenticeship in Chicago with the founder, Ed Smith

2004 – Advanced Theophostic Training at Church of Messiah in Virginia Beach

2004 – Theophostic Apprenticeship in Hampton at Messiah Church with Ed Smith

2004 – Overcoming Anger Seminar, Family Foundations International, Chesapeake, VA

2004 – Diagnosing Root Causes with Arthur Burk

2005 – Discernment Training and Generational Deliverance with Aslan’s Place in Apple Valley, CA

2006 – Hosted Basic Theophostic Training with Ed Smith in Chesapeake, VA

2007 – Restoring Shattered Lives Seminar, New Ringgold, PA (Restoration in Christ Ministries)

2007 – Seven Curses Seminar, Hendersonville, NC, Megan Caldwell

2007 – Redemptive Gift Seminar, Ashville, NC, Joanne Arizaga

2007 – Family Foundations Finance Seminar, Chesapeake, VA, Craig Hill

2008 – Accepted into ISDM (International Society of Deliverance Ministers)

2008 – Taught Theophostic Basic training class

2008 – THRIVE Level I training in Montreat, NC

2008 – Theophostic Training – Difficult Cases with Ed Smith

2008 – Immanuel Approach Training

2010 – Bethel School of the Prophets, Redding, CA

2011 – Ordained as an Itinerate Pastor by Global Awakening on October 20

2011 – Transformational Leadership by FSH Consulting, Inc.

2011 – Biblical Entrepreneur I & II

2011 – EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey

2012 – Diagnostics Practicum with Arthur Burk from Sapphire Leadership Group

2013 – Kingdom Foundations Conference in Newport News, VA

2013 – Immanuel Approach Training

2013 – SOZA Basic Training, Williamsburg, VA

2014 – Shame to Dignity Conference, Arthur Burk, Denver, PA

2014 – SOZO Advanced Training, Williamsburg, VA


Member of Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGA) since 2011.

Itinerate Pastor under Global Awakening

Member of International Society of Deliverance Ministries (ISDM) since 2008.