Freedom Night Services

A night of Spirit-led worship and ministry


An opportunity for corporate and personal healing and prophecy. The Father knows your design and He would like to set you free so that you can move forward. Come and let the Holy Spirit minister to you or receive prayer from a ministry team. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. ” John 8:36

(corner or Kempsville Rd & Greenbrier Pkwy)

2020 Dates @ 7pm

Next Date: September 18 @ 7 PM

Future Dates: October 16, November 20

Prophetic word given November 19, 2010

“The Lord is getting ready to start a movement that is going to shake people up, that’s going to turn on a fire in their lives, that’s going to bring rapid healing. I just see really rapid healing, not only of physical healing but emotional things that have been holding people back and keeping them from experiencing God the way He wants them to experience Him, and from being able to fulfill the callings and purposes in their lives. It’s almost like they are in a plastic bubble. And it’s not even hard plastic. It’s like Saran wrap that they just think that they can’t get out. And Lord, the ministry that You are pulling Esther into, is going to break them out of that. And it’s going to bring clarity. And it’s going to bring freedom. I just see people stepping up and stepping up and stepping up, and things that have always been in the back of their minds but they just had even quit believing it because it had taken so long and it wasn’t even happening and they thought,  ‘Maybe I was supposed to do that but I just can’t.’ And suddenly, they will, because the shackles have been broken off of them and those things, those lies that have been resounding in their ears will stop.” Carita B.

Comments received about Freedom Night:

“It was the best night ever!” Tyler English, age 9

“An extraordinary night of experiencing God as He touched and encouraged EVERYONE in attendance. It was simply amazing. Thank you GFM for sharing your heart and hosting this event.” Denise L.

“It was awesome. I received healing in my back. Hallelujah, praise God.” Dyanna G.