Freedom Night – Prodigals

Freedom Night Live recorded on 3/27/2020

Breakthrough for Prodigals

The Lord said, “We’re in a Season for Prodigals.”

What do we do? Strategy, prayers and the prophetic.


·      To encourage you and give you hope if you have a prodigal(s)

·      To give you strategies and ammunition for intercession for your prodigals

·      Stir up intercession in you if it has gone dormant

·      To remove blocks to your prayers being answered


“This is such a bright spot among the crazy in the world right now.” Garrett J

“Absolutely, continue these lives sessions. What a blessing to me!  I am amazed how God is working here in this ministry. This is truly needed.” Sandy R

“Thank you Lord, that we can be tender yet confident in you and who you have made us to be, which gives us inner strength.” Rachel O

“Yes please do this again,you have been such a blessing to me this evening.” Ann T

“Thank you for these strategies, Esther!  This gives me so much hope. Real church.” Sheryl G

“So awesome thanks for an amazing time.”  Vanessa C

“Wow, thank you so much! You nailed it!!” Beth R

“Thank yall!!!!!!!!!!!” Derek H