Freedom Night – Fear

Freedom Night Facebook Live recorded on Friday Mar 20, 2020

Fear: How We Get it & How to Get Rid of It

Posted by Esther McMichael on Friday, March 20, 2020

“Thank you Esther, for sharing the story of George Washington Carver! With so many of us transitioning to working remotely, we could all use some divine inspiration to deal with the challenges we are facing. I have been praying each morning that God would give me special attention to details, alert me to potential problems, and to give me innovative ways to handle these issues. It works! God shows up! God provides. Today, I saw a problem a week before we would encounter it, and came up with a way to resolve it. That is God! I even thought of a way to help a neighboring company as I drove past them. This is what we all need, right now. God is truly our answer, in all things. ” Rachel Olsen

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