Entitlement – Part 2

Entitlement in scripture!

A sense of entitlement is not something new.  Joshua deals with it in Joshua 17.

It’s the time of the disbursement of the land to the various tribes of Israel.  The land was distributed by lot (like drawing names from a hat).  The leaders believed that God determined who received what parcel of land.

The tribe of Manasseh felt they were entitled to more and than they were originally given. In Verse … Read More and Comment

Entitlement – Part 1

We Fight the Rescue –

On the Ransomed Heart app, I read the following recently: “The challenge God faces is rescuing a people who have no idea how captive they are: no real idea how desperate they are. We know we long for Eden, but we hesitate to give ourselves back to God in abandoned trust. We are captivated by the lies of our enemy.”

It’s so easy to get caught believing lies of the … Read More and Comment

Blame Shifting

Blame Shifting 

All of us try to shift blame away from ourselves. Why do we do it? Our tendency to blame is connected to our beliefs about failure and punishment.

When we talk about being powerful people, we come into direct opposition when we blame, which is to project out responsibility rather than to understand that responsibility starts right here.

Classically we end up avoiding any evidence of failure in our life because once failure … Read More and Comment

Life-Changing Ideas

A Treasure Map from the Almighty

“The Lord always provides me with life-changing ideas. Not that I am special. The Lord provides everyone with life-changing ideas. These ideas are quite literally a treasure map from the Almighty. It is up to each of us, however, to choose to dig for the treasure. Every man and woman on the planet contains within them the power to change the world, but this power is only manifested when … Read More and Comment