Are You a Match?

Putting You in Place

Over a year ago, the Lord said to me that He was going to physically relocate people to put them in place for what He is about to do.

Are You a Match?

Sunday during the second service at church, I heard the voice of God say that He was calling people into service that were not listening. Not aware He was waiting for them. I saw a dominoes game. The last tile played was a four. I saw Him waiting for people to look at their tiles to see if they are a match. They weren’t even aware they were in the game. He has something on the earth He wants to do and He’s looking for people to step into position so the “game” can proceed.

Prayerfully ask the Lord what He wants you to know about serving Him. Ask Him what it is that He wants you to do.

May God bless you with hearing clearly from Him about your assignment. May God’s people begin to step into place to fulfill the purposes of God.

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