Entitlement – Part 1

We Fight the Rescue –

On the Ransomed Heart app, I read the following recently: “The challenge God faces is rescuing a people who have no idea how captive they are: no real idea how desperate they are. We know we long for Eden, but we hesitate to give ourselves back to God in abandoned trust. We are captivated by the lies of our enemy.”

It’s so easy to get caught believing lies of the enemy, and one of those lies is that we are entitled to privileges without responsibility. One example is that want our prayers answered but we don’t spend time in prayer. We ask others to pray for us instead. We have to get past the entitlement mentality to move forward. We lose our identity and our power when we depend on someone else to provide instead of God.

What is entitlement? 

The word itself generally refers to something guaranteed by law, but for our purposes here, let’s think of entitlement as a personal belief or attitude. One origin of its use comes directly from the older British meaning of “bestowing a title” — that is, you make someone a Lord, and it automatically grants them certain rights.

Originally, the term “entitlement” in the United States was used to identify federal programs that, like Social Security and Medicare, got the name because workers became “entitled” to their benefits by paying into the system.

A sense of entitlement says, “You owe me!” It encourages me to demand that you do something for me, give me something, or treat me in a uniquely special way – just because. And I have no particular responsibility in return.

What causes it? 

I believe that we come into agreement with entitlement when we have been ignored, neglected, abused. Someone or those around us have not wanted our best. We believe that the only way to get what we need is to take it.

Another cause is being indulged, spoiled. Someone has enabled us, or the authority over us has not trained us to take responsibility. Instead of a bulletproof spirit, we have a victim spirit. Sometimes it’s passed down through the generations.

An example in scripture!

This sense of entitlement is not something new.  Joshua deals with it in Joshua 17. More of the story in the next post.

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